2018 Mobile Apps UX Trends, Tips And A Little Bit More

2018 Mobile Apps UX Trends, Tips And A Little Bit More

2018 Mobile Apps UX Trends, Tips And A Little Bit More

2018 Mobile Apps UX Trends, Tips And A Little Bit More

Choosing the best UX for a mobile app is like picking the best clothes for a date?—?it’s always different and it depends on the occasion. As a matter of fact, UX is the fashion in the mobile app development industry and it’s just as versatile, titillating, and modifiable.

What is more, UX has a direct impact on other aspects of your business as well. Take marketing, for instance?—?UX and UI are tightly related to the fruits of your marketing campaigns as they have a critical effect on your conversion rate. You might have done everything right to get the customer to your site but if he failed to navigate correctly, you might never get a conversion.

The truth is that things move very quickly in the mobile app universe. In order to succeed when it comes to mobile UX design, you’d have to have the foresight and to prepare for all the brand new challenges lurking around the corner.

As a UX-focused digital marketing agency, Rioks takes the liberty of outlining a few of the biggest trends to look forward to in 2018. We’d also like to point out a few effective tips and tricks that might help you find the best piece of clothing for your mobile app, if you catch our drift.

The 5 Biggest UX Trends in 2018.

1. Voice First

By the end of 2022, an estimated 55% of all US households will own speakers enabled with voice. It goes without saying that making these as user-friendly as it is humanly possible should be a priority for every designer. In 2018 understanding and being able to design for voice shall be critical.

But there’s more to it. The rice of voice signals that there’s a defined shift towards ‘screenless’ design. This would substantially reduce the overall number of the physical points of contact between the user and the device. This should provide UX designers with a wide leeway to innovate and to experiment.

2. Here Comes VR

VR has become a true phenomenon currently standing on the cusp of mass adoption. While VR is yet to make its big break, numbers seem to be shifting towards this direction. By 2022 the VR market is expected to hit the staggering $26.89 billion.

However, there’s a catch here. The only way virtual reality can slip into our daily lives and into the mainstream is through the help of spectacular UX. In other words, UX designers now have a huge responsibility and a substantial learning curve to go through.

As Aldric Chang, CEO of Swag Soft?—?a Virtual Reality and mobile app development company in Singapore, defines it:

“Virtual reality development involves the creative process of designing and creating the virtual environment in which to house the user and programming it so that the user can interact with it.”

Does this sound brutally familiar? It should.

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